Digital Humanities (DH) has emerged in the last decades as an exciting and challenging field of research, combining – in an international and interdisciplinary effort – theory, practices and methods from multiple fields in the Humanities, Software Engineering, Computer and Data Sciences. This has resulted in innovative research, and the creation of promising new directions for the Humanities.

While DH has developed successfully in the UK and Ireland, with the establishment of world-leading centres in both countries, there are major opportunities for further development and innovation in the field by bringing together their complementary strengths. Seeking to nurture the capacity for excellent research and teaching in DH, to establish and sustain more effective connections with non-HE sectors (notably Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums as well as the creative industries), and to create new pathways for collaboration, the UK-Ireland Digital Humanities Association will build a collaborative vision for the field, and create new and sustainable long-term partnerships in alignment with the international community.

The Association builds on existing research conducted by the partner institutions and brings together different stakeholders to consider and interrogate critically the concepts of sustainability, inclusivity, training, advocacy and career progression, among other key questions. Institutions and individuals engaged with the Association, across the UK and Ireland, will work to further develop a collaborative vision for the field, and create new and sustainable long-term partnerships with the international community.

If you want to get in touch, you can email us at uk-ie.digitalhumanities@sas.ac.uk.

Core Values

    • Inclusivity
    • Community
    • Collaboration
    • Sustainability
    • Openness and transparency
    • Advocacy and action

Roadmap for the Future

Growing out of the Digital Humanities Research Network (jointly supported and funded by the AHRC and IRC, AH/V002163/1 and IRC/V002163/2), the DH community in the UK and Ireland collaboratively developed a roadmap for the Association’s first three years. This roadmap includes goals around community building, governance, programming, and publications. Until the adoption of a formal constitution, the Association operates according to its Terms of Reference.