Multilingual DH in the UK and Ireland


The Multilingual DH CIG seeks to foster and expand multilingual digital research and practices within the UK and Ireland’s community of digital humanities researchers and related practitioners. In doing so, it aims to better recognize and value the multilingual composition and expertise of this community, and to more explicitly address the anglophone assumptions that dominate our digital research and practices. While foregrounding the research and sociocultural contexts of the UK and Ireland, the group seeks to work in collaboration with international initiatives to foster more language-inclusive research and digital infrastructures, and to raise awareness of the ways language intersects with other forms of exclusion in our field and in wider society. It will also provide a vital forum for multilingual researchers in the UK and Ireland to discuss the challenges and issues they face in their work, and to work with practitioners in areas such as academic publishing, libraries and archives, and research software engineering to better support multilingual digital research and practices.


Pedro Nilsson-Fernàndez (University College Cork), Paul Spence (King’s College London), and Naomi Wells (School of Advanced Study)

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