Research Software Engineering in the Arts and Humanities


The Research Software Engineering in the Arts and Humanities Community interest group aims to offer a forum for the Research Software Engineering (RSE) community working and collaborating in Arts and Humanities across UK and Ireland for more focused discussion, expertise and knowledge exchange, action, advocacy and policy making towards the development of AH RSE capability.

The CIG recognises that AH RSEs belong to the broad category of Research Technology Professionals which UKRI acknowledges are key to the delivery of high quality research. It aims to work in alignment with the UK RSE Society and other relevant national initiatives in the UK and Ireland such as the Software Sustainability Institute and the Society of Research Software Engineers.


Stavros Angelis (Maynooth University), Kathryn Cassidy (Digital Repository of Ireland), David Kelly (University of Galway), and Anna-Maria Sichani (School of Advanced Study)

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