Dr Giota Alevizou

Lecturer in Digital Humanities and Culture, King's College London

My ongoing involvement in digital humanities stems from my research on the influence that technologies have in producing paradigms, methods and genres that incentivise artificial and collaborative intelligence as well as collective action. A strand of my research explores how innovation trajectories and materiality of global informational assemblages and social technologies affect the epistemology of media – ranging from alternative & learning media, encyclopaedias and semantic media, to, more recently, LLMs and Creative AI platforms. The exploration of how digital creativity affect the formation of civic cultures, informs an interrelated strand of my research into expressions of digital activism, digital/bio citizenship and the ’smart’ city.

I currently lead  ‘Outsmarted’, a project supported by the Digital Futures Institute and the Centre for Digital Culture, which seeks to bring forward young peoples’ insights about the intersections of digital and the learning city. I have previously co-led a string on research projects funded by Hewlett and Gates Foundations and AHRC/EPSRC, combining critical technology studies with approaches from open commons and design justice.

I have published widely in interdisciplinary domains in topics ranging from knowledge representation and collective intelligence, educational commons, platformization and data ethics, as well as, digital/ creative cities.

I hold a PhD in Media & Cultural Studies (Sussex University), MA in Media and Publishing Studies (Stirling University) and BA in Classics, Philosophy and Linguistics (Greece). Before joining KCL, I held research and teaching positions at The Open University (Institute of Educational Technology, Centre for Governance and Citizenship, Knowledge Media Institute) and at the Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science. 

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