Network Publications & Outcomes

from the UK-Ireland Digital Humanities Network

The forerunner to the UK-Ireland Digital Humanities Association was the UK-Ireland Digital Humanities Network, an AHRC/IRC-funded project running from 2020-22 to undertake research and consultation towards the implementation of a permanent DH association for the UK and Ireland. That project produced a series of discussion papers, which were informed by events hosted with the DH community in both countries. These discussion papers lay out some of the areas of focus and interest for the Association. 

Capacity Enhancement in Digital Humanities in the United Kingdom and Ireland: Training and Beyond (published 2021-07-15)

Communicating the Value and Impact of Digital Humanities in Teaching, Research, and Infrastructure Development (published 2022-04-06)

Next generation careers in and from Digital Humanities (published 2021-11-15)

Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity in Digital Humanities in Ireland and the UK (published 2022-09-16)