Association announces Governance Working Group

The Association is pleased to announce the formation of a Governance Working Group, which will draft a proposal for establishing a formal governance and membership structure for the Association in line with our roadmap document. In keeping with our Core Values, the group will share updates about their work throughout and manage a consultation process to ensure members of the community are able to contribute to the development of the proposals.

The group is formed of volunteers from both Ireland and the United Kingdom, representing the perspective of universities, cultural heritage organisations, and national and international infrastructures. They bring with them a deep well of experience and expertise and the Association is grateful for their willingness to share their time for this work. The members of the working group are:

Michelle Doran (Digital Repository of Ireland)
Natasha Hodgson (Nottingham Trent University)
Christina Kamposiori (Research Libraries UK)
Adam Linson (Open University)
Amelia McConville (DARIAH-EU)
Antonina Puchkovskaia (King’s College London)
Mia Ridge (British Library)
Cassie Ulph (University of Leeds)

The group is also joined by members of the Association Collective – Kristen Schuster, Naomi Wells, and Michael Donnay – who will provide support throughout the process.

There will be opportunities to engage with the group and provide feedback on the proposals throughout 2024. If you have any questions or thoughts to share, please get in touch.